|Change and Transformation

Digital Strategic Transformation

We help you discover new business growth opportunities from corporate strategy level, drive and upgrade business innovations with digital technology, design the business model of innovation incubation, help you promote digital change and achieve new business transformation.

Digital Marketing Change

We design for you on how to use efficient, intelligent, customized, low-cost digital marketing, and online, offline multi-channel integrated model, help you communicate and interact with customers and consumers, and help promote precision marketing of products.

|Planning and Integration

IT Strategic Planning

We diagnose for you, make IT construction targets and blueprint from your strategic perspective to support sustainable business development.

IT Integration for M&A

We help you in the process of M&A to complete smooth integration and transition of new business or new company in IT organization, IT system and IT process to enhance the synergies of M&A

|Governance and Optimization

IT Governance

We connect the company’s strategy and business objectives, optimize IT management organization and management processes, improve fast delivery and IT operations capability, and maximize the value of IT.

Data Governance

We provide you with data lifecycle optimization solutions to enhance data management and application capabilities, tap the value of massive data resources to help you realize data-driven business operation, make data-supported business decisions and operations, and transform data resources into strategic assets.

Advantages and Characteristics

The digital change of enterprises involves a thorough transformation of the strategy, operations and technology, and a rethinking of the relationship with users and partners, providing attractive unique experience. Whether from a strategic or operation perspective, we can help you successfully achieve digital change with our years of experience and advantages:

Transformation Experience

28 years of experiences in Internet + integrated finance and strategic transformation of Ping An Group.

Financial Customers

Our financial customers are across insurance, banking, investment, Internet finance and other fields.

Technical Resources

Artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technical platforms and resources support in the fintech sector.

About Us

We are a top and most professional digital strategy team of Ping An Group. We have accompanied Ping An for 28 years, and, relying on 10000+ Ping An people and technology experts, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience in integrated finance and Internet finance transformation, and helped Ping An Group build the Internet + integrated finance model. With the advent of Ping An 3.0 era, we will not only continue to undertake and help the Group’s strategy, but also will open our experience in digital strategic change to the whole industry, from finance to life, help customers in various industries promote digital changes and transformation.

We have 40+ strategic experts from McKinsey, BCG, IBM, Accenture and other industry leading consulting firms and financial companies.

We have rich strategy, organization, process, IT planning and governance experiences in many industries.

We have a global perspective, and have recruited talents from USA, UK, France, Japan, Hong Kong, and top 5 domestic universities.

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