|Lean Process Training

With years of process management experience and methodology accumulated from various successful cases, we offer you the most professional training, imparting them to your executives and employees, changing the mindset to enable a smooth transformation.

|Process Management Consultancy

We offer professional consultancy service which guide your team in an end to end lean process project, monitor and optimize the overall process. We provide customized service according to your specific needs in order to create value for your company.

|Process Optimization Solutions

We provide a wide range of process optimization and automation solutions, including office automation, business system automation, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence applications, to build intelligent process management services with high technology.

Advantages and Features

End to end process management involves reform in business processes, IT systems, organizational structure, corporate culture and many other aspects. All of above is critical, complex and hard to implement.Among years of expertise in process management, our team has established the following core competitive advantages with refined methodology, successful experience and best industry practice.

Leading Process Optimization Service

Leading process management services, with higher industry standard.

Professional Consulting Team

Professional, efficient expert team, with profound understanding of both process management and strategic consulting.

Abundant Industry Experience

Rich experience in serving different types of customers, and successful implementation in financial, medical, Internet and other industries.

Excellent Technical Team and Ability

Relying on the exploration of Ping An Group in big data, artificial intelligence and other areas, we provide you with strong technical support.

About Us

The process management team of Ping An Technology provides corporates and financial institutions with leading process management and optimization services.To address the problem of low efficiency, we bring together professional process consulting expertise, first-class process optimization solutions and successful service experience to help you transform existing processes and enhance management efficiency.


We has advanced experience in serving large and medium-sized domestic and foreign enterprises, and has successfully implemented intelligent process management for a number of Fortune 500 companies including Ping An Group.With increasing emphasis on efficiency and cost management, process management is playing an increasingly important role in your transformation process. We look forward to working with you from all walks of life for the rise and greater glory of Chinese enterprises!

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