Features / Application Scenarios

R & D Process Management

Through the product/project-based collaboration space, multi-level and multi-dimensional billboard demand management, R&D program-driven, test management, data reports and other instruments, the R&D process becomes a closed loop, and is clearly split and displayed to make the product R&D rigorous, controllable and measurable.

Continuous Delivery

It provides fully automated build tools, automated test tools and deployment tools that with simple setup can build and deploy project codes at any time to realize faster product delivery.

Data Measurement

Based on the product R&D process data, it provides a variety of industry leading methodology standard report forms, provides product R&D decision-making and product management optimization reference to achieve continuous optimization.

Product Advantages

Based on years of experience and advantages, magic can help you quickly and continuously provide valuable products to users, resulting in a commercial one step ahead of the competition.

More Professional

It gathers Ping An's R&D management experience over the past 20 years, and is embedded with the industry's advanced lean / agile / Devops methodology.


One-stop IT R&D management and continuous delivery platform, with seamlessly integrated components.

Extreme experience

The product sticks to lightweight, scenario-based design, and is compatible with big touch screen.

Flexible deployment

Support both SaaS and local deployment model.

Value-added services

The industry's leading agile expert team, with high-quality training / consulting / coaching and other value-added services.

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