Features / Application Scenarios

Mario's control widget development based on the view modular framework supports diverse display needs, and can quickly meet the monitoring needs of users at all levels without the need of secondary development. Mario is also a comprehensive monitoring platform, can access various monitoring system indicators and provide visual interfaces to meet the monitoring standards of different enterprises.

We use spark technology to evaluate your overall application system through big data analysis, and further analyze the data of each function to find out the potential risks in your business flow and application system, and make optimization and improvement plans. You don't have to worry about unknown or unforeseeable failures, and we will provide full protection for your system.

The platform's centralized alarm module contains a quasi-real-time alarm engine for rich message compression compute interface, which supports the handling of anomalies within 1 minute, and rich compression methods to reduce single abnormal noise.

Mario supports fast time backtracking, which can replay the process of generating and developing anomalies throughout the topology to help speed up problem locating. Through the retention of visualized, easily accessed on-site data, it effectively supports multi-team collaboration.

We provide each user with exclusive advisory services, can answer any application or technical questions for you, and try our best to meet all your system function requirements.

Product Advantages

Industry advantage

Based on decades of experience in the financial industry, the company has built up a seasoned industry analysis team to systematically comb business scenarios and business flows, and enable efficient management on the application performance of banks, insurance, securities, funds and other companies through strong technical support.

Product Advantages

End-to-end real-time monitoring on business activities enables quick detection of anomalies, intelligent positioning of root cause and relevance impact; hidden troubles identified through trend analysis; minute-level on-site backtracking; rich customized dashboard, multi-role monitoring visualization.

Technical Advantages

Angular builds single-page application; Spark, Hadoop real-time big data processing; Kafka high-availability high-throughput message components; distributed data acquisition framework, real-time transmission of second-level alarm notification; openfalcon-based high-performance monitoring probe.

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