Functions/Applicable Scenarios

As an open internet financial platform of Ping An, by integrating key capabilities of account management, payment support, etc., Wealth-Link platform enables you to solve problems such as heavy investment for the initial platform construction, high threshold to acquire financial license, quick changes in regulation policies. Not only will it provide end to end solutions to the traditional financial institutions for internet finance transformation, but also offer secure service for inducing financial scenarios into internet scenarios like e-commerce, tourism, health care, online live broadcast and games.

Financial Product

It will realize financial scenarios output, provide clients asset management and one stop service, keep funds in a closed loop and foster gowth engine for profits.

Daily Life Service

It provides rich daily life service scenarios to increase adhesiveness of users.


It enables flexible use of multiple financial accounts by creating a virtual wallet, incrementing users' outstanding balance and reserving funds in a better way.

Risk Management

Designed by a professional team, the fraud risk control platform will enhance clients' anti-fraud capability and improve safety of funds by jointly control functions.

Real Name Identification

By integrating various ID authentication services like OTP, bank card authentication and face recognition, etc, we will provide proper identity authentication based on different business needs.


It integrates multiple third-party payment, funds and insurance payment channels and chooses optimal payment path automatically by intelligent routing according to different business needs.

Advantages of Product

Various Products

Enjoying advantage of full financial licenses, it will provide rich comprehensive financial products and daily life service products.

Multi-Financial Accounts

It involves four types of financial accounts of banks, funds, securities and payment to match business requirement flexibly.

Intelligent Payment Routing

It can provide diversified payment channels and realize intelligent selection of the optimal payment path.

High Efficiency With Low Risk

It can be accessed within few minutes with no cost (optional), which has been proven to be safe and stable by implementation of 20 companies of Ping An Group for quite a while.

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