Features / Application Scenarios

To address the diverse scenario needs in vertical Internet fields, Ku Bao Yun can help you customize insurance product solutions, quickly provide product and technology connection support, embed insurance products into industry scenarios to help customers achieve traffic realization, enhance brand value, improve user experience and other goals.

E-commerce shopping

Return freight insurance, account security insurance, mobile phone broken screen insurance, warranty extension insurance and other products.

O2O life service

On-site service liability insurance, take-out delay insurance, home appliances installation accident insurance and other products.


Self-driving tour insurance, Ping An traffic jam insurance, riding accident insurance, travel accident insurance and other products.

Exercise and fitness

Fitness accident insurance, marathon comprehensive coverage insurance, team activities accident insurance and other products.

Mother and child

Female cervical cancer insurance, breast cancer insurance, Down's screening insurance, pregnancy insurance, vaccine guardian, naughty kid comprehensive coverage insurance, high temperature insurance and other products.

Product Advantages

Zero-cost income increase approach

Low premium, low cost, high commission income, rapid traffic realization.

Product factory scenario customization

Relying on the strength of Ping An, it provides rich product configurations, covering e-commerce, digital home appliance, mother and child, exercise and fitness, and travel areas, and provides one-on-one customized product solutions.

Easy connection and instant policy issuance

H5, API and a number of other connection and promotion approaches, online registration, review in one day, 7 * 24 hours online speedy policy issuance.

Powerful technology ensures security and reliability

Big data intelligent recommendation helps customers in precision marketing, excellent disaster recovery solution enables rapid recovery of data, which is stable, safe and reliable.

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