The special account interest registration product is a core business system that conducts rapid raising and transfer for a variety of financial products, manages investors' wealth management product accounts, records holders' shares, and calculates the issuance management, share transfer, equity distribution and all kinds of fees. The flexible income distribution algorithm can help companies quickly respond to new wealth management products in the market.

Features / Application Scenarios

Product management

Support the product lifecycle management including the input and establishment of all elements of the product.

Customer account management

Manage the investor's wealth management trading account

Transaction clearing

The system supports the transaction clearing of various granules including product – benefit – contract – transaction.

Income distribution

Support flexible income distribution modes such as: by total income, by fixed rate of return, by annual rate of return, by holding time, by holding volume, by net value and other income distribution algorithms.

Product Advantages

Special account TA product supports rich product structure, flexible income distribution modes, humane batch clearing by product, efficient share recognition and finer transaction clearing granularity.

The monetary fund sales system is a trading platform that supports the fund sales business and helps companies quickly and efficiently build monetary fund sales capabilities. The system uses a highly available Internet technology framework to support transaction processing in big-traffic and high-concurrency scenarios. It supports various products including general monetary fund and Yu E Bao, and functions including account opening, trading, loan account money transfer, channel reconciliation and clearing, income distribution, and so on. Currently, the product has been successfully applied to a number of subsidiaries of Ping An Group, including fund and pension insurance, the daily trading volume has exceeded 3 million (transactions), and the system carries an asset size of more than RMB30 billion.

Functions / Application Scenarios

Investor account opening

It Supports account opening and closure of institutional and individual customers.

Monetary fund transactions

It supports functions including subscription, redemption (T+1\T+0), share transfer, freeze, unfreeze, and red packet, and supports most of the trading types on the market.

T+0 redemption on loan

It supports fund managers to manage the whole process of T+0 on loan business, including money transfer, and capital flow statement statistics, to help fund managers build the T+0 redemption business processing capacity at the capital end.

Transaction reconciliation and clearing

The system supports three-party reconciliation among sales channel, payment channel and fund managers based on daytime business to ensure that all the transactions are correct.

Income distribution

Based on income distribution of the registration and clearing system, the system can carry out secondary income distribution and loaner's income settlement.


It supports the query, export and printing of capital flow and business flow statements.

Product Advantages

It supports high concurrency and high availability, single system can support 10 million existing users and 1 million daily trading capacity.

It supports horizontal expansion and resource sharing of cluster processing to significantly save hardware resource costs.

Transaction processing performance is outstanding; single transaction processing time is in milliseconds.

The capital management system focuses on the capital business needs of financial companies, enables the capital flow, fund procurement, capital settlement and centralized payment management, improves capital usage efficiency and reduces the cost. The system adopts high-concurrency B/S architecture, and has functions including capital settlement, capital planning, capital monitoring, transaction reconciliation, bank-enterprise direct connect, and reporting management. At present, the product has been successfully applied to a number of subsidiaries of Ping An Group including Ping An Trust, Ping An Asset Management, Ping An Annuity and Ping An Real Estate, the system is stable and reliable, with wide business coverage.

Functions / Application Scenarios

Capital payment

It supports a complete process including instruction generation, payment arrangement, and approval confirmation to ensure that the entire payment process is safe and correct.

Transaction reconciliation

The system automatically obtains bank transaction statements for daily transaction comparison and balance comparison to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the daily transaction.

Capital monitoring

It enables user-defined monitoring indicators to realize capital monitoring from multiple dimensions including account and amount to provide support for the company's capital management decision-making and analysis.

Product Advantages

The capital management system has been successfully applied to a number of subsidiaries of Ping An Group and has been closely combined with actual business. It's stable, reliable and useful. At present, the system can cover industries including asset management, trust, insurance, credit and loan.

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