Credit review cloud is a credit review system specially designed by Ping An Technology for pre-loan management of credit institutions, and helps users conveniently conduct incoming file management and data review. The system has strong risk control system and approval application rules to help users make decisions, and connects the financial data of Ping An credit box, provides data support for customers' construction of risk control models.

Features / Application Scenarios

Flexible configuration of incoming file templates

Support different products configuration different templates and business processes, according to the actual business needs to add templates and add new field information in the template.

Customization of approval process

Support different approval process configurations for different products, even for the same loan product, users can configure different approval nodes according to the application information.

Self-configuration of risk control rules

The system will initialize a large number of rule configuration factors, the risk control rules can be configured by the users, and each rule adjustment only requires changing the configuration.

Support remote interview

When the customer applies for a loan on APP, he can choose whether to apply the remote interview service according to the need, and the review is done through remote video.

Connect Ping An big financial data

The system connects with Qianhai big financial data, and the risk control is more reliable.

Product Advantages

The flexible incoming file configuration can meet the incoming file management needs of different customers.

Connect the big financial data of Ping An, can met customers' data security and control needs.

CRO dashboard management platform is an online risk audit platform integrating Qian Hai's financial data, products and risk control technologies. Through flexible risk control rules and decision-making settings, it enables fast online approval based on big data, generates real-time data reports for the management and improvement of risk control strategy.

Functions / Application Scenarios

It provides customers with extensive financial data support, including financial, trading, collection, overdue, Internet data, P2P query data, and so on.

Built-in risk control rules and engines help customers make decisions, analyze data and make decisions through powerful engines, and generate risk control and credit reports for decision making.

Product Advantages

Higher reference value for financial institutions since it's based on Qian Hai Credit's big data resources.

Broader data coverage to support nationwide business development of all financial institutions.

Data + risk control to provide one-stop solution for risk control challenges.

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