Features / Application Scenarios


Address daily cashier, payment and transfer businesses for enterprises.

Capital allocation

Address centralized capital management and arrangement for enterprise groups.

Transaction management

Address real-time balance query and transaction results query for enterprises.

Fund plan

Address capital budget issue for enterprises.

Bill management

Address paper bill management issue for enterprises.

Credit financing

Address bank loan, internal loan management issues for enterprises.

Account management

Address unified bank account management issue for enterprises.

Capital monitoring

Address capital security risk control issue for enterprises.

Report management

Address financial statement query issue for enterprises.


Address password change, matters-to-do issues for enterprises.

Receipt and payment management

Address bank cash receipt and payment issue for enterprise.

Basic information

Address basic configuration of system application for enterprises.

Product Advantages

Based on enterprises' actual financial application scenarios, the system integrates all business functions in one platform to realize the management of the funds of all accounts by one UKEY, and the application of all functions. It reduces labor cost, enables comprehensive planning of corporate funds, reduces costs and enhances efficiency.

The system enables cloud service based distributed deployment and multi-platform seamless connection. It provides more flexible system security hosting service, reduces enterprises' IT construction costs, technical management costs, equipment procurements. The customers can enjoy financial-class data security management and remote disaster recovery support.

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