Features / Application Scenarios

Joint Login

It provides you with a third-party login authentication channel other than own account system, helps you lower user registration threshold, enhance user experience and acquire customers quickly.

Business Interoperability

It enables seamless hopping among business systems, reduces secondary verification, enhances user experience and provides perfect technical support for your cross-selling.

Precision Marketing

Based on the OneConnect information, it enables the query the customer asset purchase information, by analyzing the user's purchasing power, purchase preferences, credit rating, etc., provides strong data support for your precision marketing.

Product Advantages

After years of exploration in the field of Internet finance, Ping An Group has built up an internet financial ecosystem, and the OneConnect system has played a critical role in the implementation of the Group's overall strategy. The integration of login accounts has greatly lowered the threshold for users to enter various sectors of the financial ecosystem, enhanced user experience, effectively solved the interconnection of all sectors, and promoted the rapid business growth of all specialized companies of the Group.

Based on the strong strength of Ping An Group in the financial industry, the OneConnect mainly serves potential users with high net value in the financial industry, and the user groups are involved in various fields of the financial industry: banks, insurance, securities, funds, loans, wealth management, credit verification, payment, healthcare, innovative Internet and other fields.

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