Features / Application Scenarios

Investment management

We support your needs from the stage of investment management to assist you understand and track the investment objects and continuously monitor and warn risks:

Investment research

We extract the enterprise's dynamic information, sensitive events, the latest trends of key figures andthe latest hot topics from massive enterprise information resources, track the enterprise's credit rating, risk status, track the developments of the related enterprises around the target, and the upstream and downstream enterprises of the target, and through technology enable fast and accurate access to and delivery of information.

Internal management

By analyzing the enterprise's ecosystem, products and managers, we provide the basis for your enterprise's counterparty investigation, competitor testing, bidding, executives, and business opportunity management.

Channel management

We capture and analyze enterprise transaction information, combined with the enterprise relationship connection, select and monitor dealers / suppliers for you to stabilize the supply chain.

Sales support

By analyzing the enterprise's products, we identity potential customers for you, assist business development and support sustainable business development.

Product Advantages

The product concept of Euler graph is to support comprehensive enterprise-related risk, investment and marketing analysis, by virtue of the most advanced artificial intelligence and big data technologies, set the entire enterprise business relationship network as the target of analysis, so that the enterprise analysis becomes more multi-dimensional, efficient, intuitive and rich in value.

Connection between enterprise and enterprise

Connection between enterprises is universal. As long as the business exists, the enterprise's related parties will always exist, and the most typical is the production related upstream and downstream industry chain, peer competition, etc.

Connection between enterprise and people

What behind the enterprise operation are actually people, mainly executives. As the corporate news or announcements often publish the remarks of executives, through the extraction of the public information, the relationships between the enterprise and executives can be well established, through these links, coupled with logical reasoning, a certain degree of change trend is foreseeable.

Connection between enterprise and event

An enterprise's business status is reflected by events, and events can reflect the operating results to some extent; events can also be used to assess the enterprise's risk change signals and capture potential investment opportunities.

Connection between enterprise and industry

Industry is the external environment for the survival of an enterprise, the industry can reflect the general policy, market competition, technological progress and other conditions the enterprise facing, and the link to the industry can help decision markers to formulate better strategic directions.

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