Features / Application Scenarios

Diversity – Multidimensional Data Query

The product enables one-stop access to multi-party authoritative data sources, you can query the information from more than a dozen dimensions including the enterprise profile, hot news, rating announcements and financial statements, the big data become a magic cube for you to make out deeper possibilities.

Excellence – Panorama Risk Scanning

We dig thousands of risk factors from the massive big data, and keep the useful ones. From a macro perspective, we measure and depict the risk levels of different industries and regions; from a micro perspective, we monitor the enterprise's risks in various dimensions.

Acuity – Enterprise Risk Forewarning

From a forward-looking multidimensional perspective, from the enterprise's basic data to the forewarning indicators, we can identify the risk information before the occurrence of major events to help you identify potential risks in advance and make reasonable prognosis and decisions.

Sophistication – Comprehensive Enterprise Profiling

Relying on rich enterprise data resources, you can quickly know the enterprise's basic information, risk information, relationship, rating, information public opinions, legal proceedings and financial reports through quick enterprise search to meet all your needs for enterprise information at one stop.

Intelligence – Efficient Business Decision Making

We utilize the latest research results of big data, add the environmental variable connection mechanism, introduce big data factors, build high-dimensional computing model, and measure the risk transmission process based on the relationship network dynamics to meet your diverse business analysis needs, help you make decisions earlier than other people and obtain the maximum business benefits.

Product Advantages

A ore Efficient Way of Risk Identification

Based on systematic corporate risk forewarning and assessment, we see through business logic and assist enterprises in risk control, so that you can make effective decisions and dispose assets in the shortest possible time.

A More Innovative Forecasting Tool

With professional financial modeling advantages, we establish the industry-leading risk index system, and timely push accurate corporate early warning information for you to make right risk control decisions.

A More Flexible Means of Risk Control

The traceable original information integrated display function and early risk warning in the industry, region and enterprise dimensions help enterprises make more systematic and standardized risk assessment.

A More Accurate Channel of Assessment

We employ the best analysis quantitative model, integrate cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision-making system to realize intelligent multi-scenario application and create a new financial risk management decision-making mode for you.

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