Features / Application Scenarios

Enterprises "beat competitors by self-education"

The integration of “Zhi Niao APP” + "management system" + "to-do class platform" enables the construction of a dedicated mobile learning system and build a handheld corporate university in seconds.

Linking to Ping An University and optimizing the training system

Zhi Niao provides Ping An Group's high-quality internal courses to you, helps you optimize your training organization system and O2O curriculum system, extracts and spreads the experience of elites and helps performance improvement.

Sharing the best management practice of Ping An

Zhi Niao's customers can visit Ping An University to learn Ping An's advanced management experience, advanced personnel training system and brick-and-mortar university operation experience accumulated from the high-speed development over the past 28 years.

An innovative application beyond mobile learning

Zhi Niao innovative applications include live broadcast and remote classroom. It's not only a training platform, but also an organizational platform and a communication platform …Zhi Niao is still exploring and will continue to provide partners with different solutions!

Product Advantages

Ping An has maintained high-speed development for many years. In addition to its leading strategy,, the globally leading HR management system also plays a key part. Zhi Niao is an innovative employee online training model of Ping An University relying on advanced HR operation system. Through comprehensive implementation of Zhi Niao mobile learning innovative project, Ping An Group rapidly realized leap-forward growth in training effectiveness and training coverage.

The comprehensive product structure and functions of Zhi Niao can not only help you rapidly upgrade your employee training platforms, but also share the best practice of HR operation of Ping An Group, relying on the strong teaching and research strength of Ping An University, we can timely provide you with one-stop professional operation consulting services and help you improve yourself.

In September 2015, Zhi Niao was awarded the "Oscar Award" in human resource management: the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award, becoming the first Asian company to receive this award.

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