Features / Application Scenarios

Integrated intelligent procurement center

It penetrates in the business side and addresses business consumption scenarios to provide ticket, hotel, car, conference and training, catering booking services, and meet the procurement needs of employees and enterprises at the optimal contract prices.

New experience of paperless reimbursement

It enables recording consumption anytime anywhere, and automatically generates reimbursement statements when the users check the submission box. The sum is calculated in collectively to enhance the efficiency of reimbursement and avoid the problems caused by manual filling. The reimbursed fund reaches the account immediately, and there is no need for prepayment.

New era for mobile reimbursement approval

It enables mobile approval, monitors the reimbursement approval progress in real time, provides kind reminders, and enables financial affairs community Q&A to help solve routine problems. The approval rules are configured in the front end to completely replace manual approval.

Intelligent enterprise expense control data

It enables centralized check of payments and invoices to address the serious risk of decentralized management. Through data precipitation, it generates visual multi-dimensional analysis reports to achieve cost transparency and innovative management.

Product Advantages

Platform Advantages

• It's subject to Ping An Group, with capital and data security guaranteed;

• Ping An's secure machine room, double-machine hot backup and remote disaster recovery ensure storage security;

• USBKey login verification ensures safe operation;

• SSL data encryption ensures safe transmission.

Technical advantages

• It's based on SAAS technology and deployed on the cloud, and features fast on-line deployment, and low-cost operation and maintenance;

• There is no need for expensive hardware and software;

• There is no need for special machine rooms and O&M personnel.

Professional advantages

• The world's leading consulting firm is involved in the process combing and system design;

• Professional advantage recognized in the field of financial IT;

• 28 years of experience in financial management of Ping An Group;

• Advanced technology architecture, professional financial services operations team;

• 7 * 24 operation support.

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