Features / Application Scenarios

Efficient process and approval improve office efficiency

The office on fingertips supports users to quickly build own business processes, quickly adjust and respond to the ever-changing market and business, helps you achieve efficient business flow, and saves you the trouble of waiting for signature and approval.

Strong application center system enables efficient office applications

It includes professional staff attendance, training performance closed-loop management, electronic conference booking, asset management, notifications and bulletins, document receiving and distribution, questionnaires, knowledge base management and other functions to help you work more easily and efficiently.

Mobile Office

It supports professional and secure mobile office, which is flexible and free, and enables free management and real-time control.

Socialized Office

It enables instant messaging, collaboration and communication to enhance the efficiency of work and supervision.

Strong security protection, saving efforts and enabling paperless office

It supports secure document conversion and electronic seals. The electronic seal uses the data encryption technology approved by National Password Administration to encrypt the electronic seal and sealed document information to ensure that the electronic document is not compromised, tampered, forged, denied or stolen.

Product Advantages

Personalized Customization

The Office on Fingertips supports personalized customization of process templates, and the graphical design can be configured flexibly and be used instantly. The visual process template modeling is easy to use and expand. It enables the customization of processes, and the setting of process steps, intelligent personnel selection and other functions.

Modular Office

With a variety of application center office modules, it can quickly improve the office efficiency, realize data interconnection and eliminate information islands in the organization. It enables document encryption and document conversion and unified storage, seamless connection of electronic seals, expansion to connect with various types of systems, unified input and output ports for data interaction, and efficient and fast connection.

Centralized Management

It's a “problem management system” based IT service response center, and the application system runs OA and early warning system. It has nationwide centralized data management, efficient IT operating system, and strong system research and development capabilities. The customers are throughout the insurance, bank, investment, media, retail and internet finance fields.

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