Features / Application Scenarios


Through instant messaging, conference, and mail, it enables connection between colleagues, so that there is no stranger in the company.

Instant Messaging (IM)

It supports the address book access, colleagues can initiate a chat without adding friends, and can choose one-on-one chat, group chat, limited time chat and other means of communication according to the needs, and the limited time chat information can be destroyed in time to ensure information security; the text, voice, picture, graphic messages can meet daily work communication needs, and the continuous delivery of long speech makes the real-time communication more convenient.


It provides conference group, internet teleconference, online video conferencing and other online conference functions to meet the demand for conference communication anytime anywhere, to make the work more efficient and solve the problem of limited offline conference room resources.


It integrates outlook and security control SDK, supports employees to send and receive mails anytime and anywhere, and ensures mail content security. It also enables the establishment of a chat group by choosing the mail sender and receiver to enhance work discussion efficiency, the chat records can be forwarded as mail to achieve efficient communication and effective content retention.


It connects the tasks on calendar, cloud disk and project management to enhance work efficiency.


It synchronizes with the computer's Outlook calendar, integrates online conference calendar invitations, project management task alerts, to enhance the work efficiency of the team and employees.

Cloud Disk

It enables sharing and synchronizing project documents on the Cloud to facilitate internal sharing, and it supports the setting of document view permissions to ensure information security.

Project Management

With Happy Ping An APP, you can create project tasks and assign tasks to designated members, set the reminder rules for real-time reminding, track the task progress through the task board to ensure that the project can progress and complete as scheduled.


Through the integration of the work report signing, personnel, administrative and other related systems, it enables the connection with the process to make work more efficient.

Report Signing

The report signing system integrates and supports the instant push and online approval of report signing messages through IM, enables real-time communication with related colleagues to improve the efficiency of process flow.


It supports personnel system integration, and the staff can handle attendance, check wages and report at any time anywhere.

Financial Affairs

It supports the financial system integration, staff travel assistant, from the ticket, hotel reservations, information synchronization schedule to the final financial reimbursement and payment, addresses staff travel issues at one stop.

Product Advantages

At present, Happy Ping An has integrated all office systems of the Ping An Group, realized mobile office to help improve performance and efficiency. Happy Ping An has served more than 300,000 employees of Ping An and covered more than 95% of Ping An's 26 specialized companies.

With comprehensive product structure and functions, Happy Ping An not only can help employees communicate efficiently, but also will lead the entire company to the mobile office era. Relying on the strong technology capabilities of Ping An Technology, it saves your employees the trouble of checking wages, handling processes and other trivial things, and helps them focus on their jobs and create more value for the company.

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