Features / Application Scenarios

Basic data service

The product can provide basic platform services and support including data storage, data security, data cleanup and data desensitization to help you ready for big data.

Special mining service

Our professional mining technology team customizes special mining tasks including precision marketing, customer profiling and risk forecasting for enterprises, and mines the deep value of data based on your own data and industry data.

Self-service analysis product

Through simple drag and drop on the interface, the product helps you make in-depth, multi-dimensional self-service data analysis and generate visualized analysis report with “zero coding”, regularly pushes reports through mail, and is a BI tool for fast development and implementation.

Data visualization board

The product is a visual display platform that customizes special data board pages for the business and management staff, makes data graphical, with excellent effect, and meets personalized customization needs, and is a good helper for dynamic update of performance indicators, KPI tracking, marketing analysis and business decision-making.

Mobile visual report product

The product is a mobile APP built for the business and management staff, and is a convenient handheld data analysis tool that enables field workers and managers to access multi-dimensional, multi-level visualization charts anytime anywhere, and dynamically track the performance.

Product Advantages

Nebula platform has long been committed to the financial industry's big data services, with rich industry experience, covering more than a dozen important customers including Ping An Life Insurance, Ping An Property Insurance, Ping An Bank, and financial enterprises of Ping An Group.

High Performance And Efficiency

Based on hadoop architecture distributed computing, the platform can realize cloud deployment of products and massive data processing to address the performance issue of 100 million level data.

Complete Functions

The platform has highly instrumented products, can greatly improve the business analysis efficiency of enterprises and ease the pressure on manpower caused by massive data needs.

Rich Scenarios

With a professional data mining team, a wealth of algorithm models, the product can be flexibly applied to various types of financial business scenarios.

Security and Reliability

The product is based on the highest international data center construction standards, has obtained international safety management standard ISO27001 information security certification, has the highest information security and privacy protection level in the financial industry, strictly isolates the data of different professional companies to protect the data privacy of each professional company.

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