Features / Application Scenarios

Customer value management

Relying on a big data analysis platform, we can give you a more concrete understanding of the customer through a multi-dimensional analysis of the customer, so that you can find the customer's point of demand to realize effective customer relationship management.

Scenario-based marketing

Addressing different scenarios including marketing, sales and service, we build the core trigger with user scenario as the fuse based on the user's online and offline behavior data to achieve business value improvement.

NPS improvement

While providing services to customers, the product can establish differentiated service systems for different customer groups based on the screening of the group of people who make complaints easily and pose higher risks, to focus on the customer experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

Customer group analysis

We provide customers with a label delivery platform supported by multi-dimensional hierarchy, customer rating, and customer group operation decision-making, so that your marketing recommendations can reach the right customer audience and the customer marketing conversion is enhanced.

Product Advantages

Based on years of experience and advantages, we help you use information technology and Internet technology to coordinate the interaction with customers in sales, marketing and services, so as to enhance your management and provide your customers with innovative, personalized customer interaction and service.

Integrating customer information and contact information of 20 subsidiaries within Ping An Group, including traditional financial data and Internet data.

Covering 28 important first-level business processes of Ping An Group, throughout the insurance, banking, investment and other sectors.

Excellent plug-and-play feature to ensure flexible structure and ease of use.

Technical platform resource support in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other aspects in FinTech.

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