Features / Application Scenarios

Insurance industry solution

Business all-hosting + own IDC access, multiple solutions for customized scenarios

Architecture diagram

Banking industry solution

Regulatory compliance, same-city multi-active, three-site six-center disaster recovery backup

Architecture diagram

Investment industry solution

Business precipitation + stable technology, double guarantee

Architecture diagram

Internet financial industry solution

Integration of the Internet financial business scenarios, professional services P2P, third-party payment, crowd funding, financial network marketing platform

Architecture diagram

Internet healthcare industry solution

Secure value increase for the Internet healthcare industry

Architecture diagram

Financial big data industry solution

Diversified scenarios help financial data innovation

Architecture diagram

Product Advantages


The 28 years of experience in serving a global leading integrated financial group, adherence to the highest standards of cloud computing in the financial industry; 7*24 hours fast professional response by operation and maintenance experts ensures the stable operation of your business.


The integration of Ping An Group's platform and business services, covering payment, socializing, big data, financial products cooperation ... helps you carry out accurate marketing and quickly acquire quality customers.


The independently innovated highly available architecture supports Ping An Group's full range of financial business platform to strike trillions of stable and reliable deals per day.


The CSA-compliant cloud computing platform with strong protective capability supports the financial + Internet ecological deployment, with double security.


The product is a benchmark cloud in the financial industry, complies with the regulatory requirements of the People's Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, and China Insurance Regulatory Commission, helps put several banks on the cloud, and passes all the third-party on-site audits.

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