Features / Application Scenarios

Analysis Report Products

The analysis report products of Ping An Brain provides customers with professional BI report forms and business data statistics tools. Through data collection, storage, cleaning, computing and analysis, it outputs the analysis results using professional data visualization scheme. The analysis reports include the user profile report, user preference report, channel profile report and product profile report, and can display comprehensive, intuitive and accurate analysis reports for corporate customers.

Standardized Data Products

The standardized data products of Ping An Brain utilize cutting-edge machine learning and other modeling technologies to provide universal solutions for enterprises, financial institutions and healthcare institutions. It's an application integrating data development, management, analysis, digging and sharing tools, which can provide standard application modules, such as model output scores, database associations, API calls or direct use of end products.

Personalized Data Products And Analysis Consulting Services

Ping An Brain can provide personalized data products and analysis consulting services based on your needs. The customized data service of Ping An Brain not only has the advantages of standard data products, but also has a complete service cycle and a wide range of service targets, and can bring greater value to you.

Product Advantages

With the years of accumulation of hundreds of millions of precision offline customer data and Internet user data of Ping An Group, Ping An Brain covers the rich transaction, product and user data in a lot of business scenarios such as insurance, bank and investment of Ping An Group, and includes the information of tens of millions of enterprises.

The intelligent big data engine of Ping An Brain is managed by Dr. Xiao Jing, an expert of the national “Recruitment Program of 1,000 Global Experts”. The team has many excellent members from prestigious domestic and foreign universities such as Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Tsinghua University, Peking University, with strong strength in the experience, technology and vision.

In terms of technical capacity, Ping An Brain adopts the cutting-edge machine, deep learning and other big data technologies, which can be divided into six major categories and 24 sub-categories:

Business intelligence

Multi-category statistical analysis, clustering and grouping, association rules, visual report forms.

Structured data understanding

Feature extraction, feature selection, regression and classification, approximate nearest neighbor.

Unstructured data understanding

Text mining, knowledge map, image recognition, speech recognition.

Forecast and recommendation

Classification model, subject recognition, expert system, collaborative filtering.

Anomaly monitoring

Time series analysis, relational network analysis, emotional analysis, hot spot mining.

Deep intelligence

Deep learning, enhanced learning, Bayesian reasoning, and memory enhancement networks.

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