Features / Application Scenarios

Payment And Clearing

Blockchain can provide the two parties with a trusted transaction environment that enables direct transaction and doesn't involve intermediary institutions, distributes the financial transaction agreement equally among the institutions, provides users with cross-border, real-time payment and clearing service in any currency, to reduce transaction costs and make cross-border payment more convenient.

Asset Management

The function of data sharing of Blockchain allows each organization and individual to participate in the operation of the whole system, each participating node can obtain a complete database file and each transaction behavior is recorded permanently to ensure accurate and complete behavior traceability of the ownership and changes of the original assets, which can be widely used in the authenticity verification and asset traceability of land ownership, equipment and other contracts or properties.

Supply Chain

The supply chain industry involves many entities, with a lot of complex collaboration and communication. In the traditional model, different entities keep heir own supply chain information, which is seriously lacking in transparency, resulting in high time costs and money costs, and problems are difficult to be traced and dealt with. The Blockchain can build a unified information platform enabling trust among entities, and the status can be viewed in real time to reduce the logistics costs, and trace the production and transportation of goods, thus improve the efficiency of supply chain management, and make the evidence presentation and tracing more clear and easy.

Intelligent Operation

The “decentralized” feature of Blockchain enables the intelligent contract to automatically execute the terms of the contract, without any human intervention. These intelligent contracts can replace some financial transactions that traditionally require trusted intermediaries, and can be traced.

Product Advantages

Compared to traditional solutions, Ping An Blockchain platform has the following advantages:

Visualized Operation Management

Through graphical interfaces, it enables real-time monitoring of the Blockchain network system status to grasp the operation of the Blockchain comprehensively and rapidly to provide underlying support for business operations.

Financial-Class Foundation Platform

All nodes are deployed in the financial cloud platform environment, and different levels of disaster recovery backup configurations are provided to ensure stable operating environment for the Blockchain network.

Comprehensive Security Protection

It ensures data security and reliability through traditional algorithms such as symmetric and asymmetric encryptions, and ensures that data cannot be tampered and identity can be recognized by using digital certificates and PKI system. Meanwhile, the financial-class cloud platform supports infrastructure security protection.

Extensive Solution

As an underlying platform for Blockchain applications of Ping An Group, Ping An Blockchain Platform supports 12 application scenarios including interbank asset transaction, interbank clearing and settlement, electronic prescription, policy claim records, crowd funding and credit investigation.

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