Features / Application Scenarios

Face Detection

Accurately detect and locate faces in pictures

Face Comparison

Quickly determine the similarity of two faces

Living Body Identification

Accurately verify whether it's the exact person to prevent photo, video and other fake attacks

Identity Authentication

Ping An Face works with Shenzhen Human Resource and Social Security Bureau to launch a pension collection “face recognition” online authentication service in 2017. The service can complete identity authentication within 5 sec, so that the retired elderly can collect their pensions without leaving their houses.

Remote Lending

As a star product promoted by Pu Hui, iloan brings more secure and smooth online loan experience to each user by using the face recognition technology provided by Ping An Face.

Smart Attendance

The employees of Ping An Life Insurance can independently register their face information through the internal Portable E Xing Xiao application, the employees who have successfully registered their face information can clock in on Portable E Xing Xiao by calling face recognition function, and the technology enables mobile attendance of the employees of Ping An Life Insurance through WiFi hot spot and GPS positioning.

Product Advantages

Based on deep learning, Ping An Face can precisely position the human face and rapidly extract facial features to complete the identity authentication. You can experience the functions of Ping An Face by using our SDK and API interface.


The SDK of Ping An Face enables easy access to various applications, completes the identity authentication simply by face recognitions, and supports iOS and Android platforms;

API Interface

It enables sharing of core technologies of Ping An Face, supports easy calls by various platforms, and includes face detection, face comparison and other functions.

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