Safe Service

|Safe Operation

We provide products with customized, safe operation services followed up by dedicated personnel, track the entire lifecycle of the businesses and products, provide customized, targeted security design, test and service, focus on the products' business features and security requirements, and build inherent security attributes for the products while ensuring high availability.

|Threat and Emergency Response

Through big data collection, mining and analysis, we get the security information about enterprises, businesses and products, including dark/gray industry behaviors, security vulnerabilities and third-party security vulnerabilities. We enable the near advancement of security issues to ensure efficient closed-loop problem solving, enhance the overall security of enterprises and businesses.

|Security Consulting Service

Through the advanced security consulting service, we build information security management system for customers; or help them get information security management certification, including classified protection, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS, to enhance customers' management and compliance security capabilities.

|End-To-End Industry Security Solution

The expert team conducts a comprehensive assessment of the security technology risks in the networks, hosts, databases, and security equipment of the financial, government, healthcare, education, operator and other industry customers to identify security technology risks and provide end-to-end solutions.

Security Product

Mobile Application Automation Security Testing

Responding to the security risks brought by the rapid development of mobile APPs, it automatically detects known security problems and enhances testing efficiency. Products can be accessed at any time for security testing, and the product enables real-time new rule upgrading and can follow up and solve the security problems identified.

Host Security Defense System

It provides corporate users with real-time server security monitoring, can detect attacks and intrusions, protect the core system and sensitive data.

Security Threat Perception

It scans and monitors security vulnerabilities, security compliance issues such as high-risk ports, back-end open to the outside, and, combined with threat information, carry out automatic risk early warning to ensure that your business security issues are solved in time.

Account Security Platform

It detects and control security risks such as robot registration, cheating, account theft, database attack, fleecing and fraud to ensure sale operation of your business.

Cloud Security Product

It accumulates financial cloud security experience, with multi-layer protection, and protects cloud data security.

Data Security Product

It provides corporate user data with security protection to avoid user data leakage.

Advantages and Characteristics

Tailored Professional Service

We tailor services and products for enterprises, and provide customized services followed up by dedicated personnel to solve security issues fundamentally.

Heavyweight Expert Team

We provide excellent design solutions to make your products even better.

About Us

We are a professional, innovative and seasoned information security expert team.




Projects Completed


Companies Served

Our team gathers information security elite talents from inside and outside Ping An Group.

We come from China's top security teams, with rich experience.

We apply the latest security technologies to the Internet financial services of Ping An, and with advanced internet financial security concepts, we work with you to build enterprise information security.

Pu Hui Financial Product Security Project

We promote the internet security construction of Ping An Pu Hui, and achieve zero security accident throughout the year.

Bank Retail Transformation Product Security Project

We are good at identifying high-risk security issues and quickly follow up.

Ping An Cloud Security Project

Our HIDS and security threats perception system minimizes the threat.

Account Security Project

Our rational use enables fast convergence of business security issues.

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