Design and Service

|Experience Design and Research

Interactive Design

We analyze the “availability” and “perceptive experience”, focus on people-oriented user needs, and promote the interaction among users, products and services.

Visual Design

We focus on the research and application of social aesthetics trends and form an integrated image of product concept, user behavior and concept, system interface, product packaging style, marketing strategy, etc. through the graphic, fonts and specific colors and other expression techniques..

User Research

We use sociological, ethnographic research methods, infer scenarios of users using the products and services from the quantitative and qualitative points of view, and gain profound insights into users' potential needs, behavior patterns and visions.

|Design Thinking and Innovation

Our design thinking is based on our deep understanding and insights into the industry, technology and people's lives, and we look forward to working with you to explore the essence and look to the future; we use the most agile practice to explore and validate bold ideas and create vital products and services in line with the development trends of human and society.

|Brand Design

We use the customer consumption cycle (customer map) to identify user expectations, evaluate customer behaviors, collect and evaluate customer expectations and perception management, analyze market service differences, and divide brand differentiation;

We design and deliver brand image and assess performance.

Advantages and Characteristics

Finance x People x Technology

We focus on experience design innovations in the fintech sector, and integrate new technical concepts with experience driving force , from real life scenarios to create sustainable value for users and customers.

Our Modern Oriental Aesthetics

Our design combines modern and traditional oriental aesthetics.

About Us

We are an innovative, professional, smart experience design expert team with big dreams and passion.




Projects completed


Companies served

Our team gathers the elites in the experience and design sector inside and outside Ping An Group. We have accumulated rich experience from countless collisions with business, human, technology and design. We use design thinking and people-oriented design concept to develop innovative products and service experience with competitive advantages for you.

Project Dimension Door

We facilitate the design and implementation of Ping An Group's Internet platform strategy.

Bank Retail Transformation

We are good at creating new retail mobile customer experiences.

Insurance Projects

We care about customers and experience, boost relationships between agents and customers, and help improve sales performance.

Artificial Intelligence Innovation

We explore a more natural communication between human and machine to promote the integration of technology with life.

Data Platform Product Design

We focus on the perfect combination of data and aesthetics.

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