Service Scope

We provide advanced Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Redis, and Mongodb database services, as follows:

Design and Implementation

· Database Architecture design and implementation

· Database Disaster Recovery design and implementation

· Data Integration and Data Synchronization design & implementation

Governance and Optimization

· Database Monitoring and Capacity Planning scheme establishment

· Database Backup Solution design and implementation

· Database Health Check

· Database Patching Strategy design and Database Upgrade implementation

· Information Lifecycle Management

· Database Performance Analysis and Optimization

· Database Technical Training

Transformation and Innovation

· Database platform migration from UNIX to Intel + Linux

· Application and Implementation of The Open-source database and server technologies

Advantages and Characteristics

Rich Industry Experience

We have over 30 years of extremely large-scale database system management experience in the financial industry. We manage thousands of production databases covering different financial application scenarios.

Professional Service Team

Under the requirements of high availability and high performance of IT system in the financial industry for many years, we have developed a rigorous, professional and efficient work style, have a complete methodology for problem solving and risk aversion, and have always put it into practice.

Superior Technical Capability

We have a high degree of management standardization and specialization, and have developed and accumulated complete technical documents, guidelines and standard documents, operation manuals and knowledge bases, have complete and standard operation procedures and requirements. We also have summarized many scientific methodologies for complex tasks.

Full-stack technology scheme

Our team consists of storage, server and database technology professionals from the bottom up. We are able to provide one-stop professional solutions from storage to server and to database.

About Us

We are database management advanced service team of Ping An Technology, engaged in the server, storage and database technologies.

We are responsible for providing the database management services to Ping An group subsidiaries, business units and functional departments including Life Insurance, Property Insurance, Pension Insurance, Health Insurance, Trust, Fund , Ping An Easy Money and so on. We provide professional database technical support throughout the entire lifecycle of the system, from design to implementation and to O&M management.

We have over 30 years of IT experience in the financial industry.

At present, we have over 130 engineers, including more than 20 expert-level engineers. Our engineers have the expertise and experience in a variety of technologies, and have rich experience in the design, administration as well as change management and implementation.

Our Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB experts have shared their experience in many industry conferences and are quite influential.

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