Features / Application Scenarios

Multi-channel Unified Customer Service

Your customers can reach the agent through WeChat, website, APP, telephone, microblogging, SMS, e-mail and other channels, the agent can identify the same customer comes from different channels, and provide the customer with comprehensive services on the same platform, which is more professional, convenient and fast.

Full Media Communication

Your agent can communicate with customers in text, expression, picture, voice, small video, graphic, H5 activity link, location sharing, real-time video and other multimedia ways to give your customers an avant-garde customer service experience.

Intelligent Customer Service

Cike can provide intelligent customer service. When your agent is not at work or is too busy, the smart robot can help solve the customer's questions, of course, you can “teach” the robot with your company's expertise to make it more professional and intelligent.

Marketing activities

Cike provides a variety of marketing activity templates that you can simply edit the content of the activity before distributing it to all customers, or make your agents to recommend it to the customer directly based on customer's needs. Customers can share the activity to their wechat moments, and the spreading of the activity can be counted by Cike to help you achieve a more complete, professional and faster marketing campaign.

Outbound / return visit

You can upload your customer list to Cike and issue it to the agents, and the agents can make outbound calls or return visits based on certain business rules.

Remote video

Cike can provide a full set of video solutions, your customers can launch a video to reach the remote agent through the official website, APP or VTM, combined with face recognition, identity verification, electronic signature and other technologies, the agent can provide customers with card and accounting opening, loan, wealth management and other businesses to replace the traditional counter business model.

Product Advantages

From now on, you just need to register an account on Cike, then you will have a ready-to-use customer service system, with zero development, low cost.

Cross-channel customer identification, depicting a complete and comprehensive customer profile.

Marketing service integration: Marketing promotion, customer service and sales.

Cike is the first customer service platform integrating full media interactive forms in china.

Customer service APP supports mobile office, opening a new customer service work mode.

Intelligent robots share customer service work and reduce labor costs.

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