Features / Application Scenarios

VTM can be used in debit card real-time account opening, credit card application, remote face–to-face transaction, manual transfer of accounts, card loss reporting and relief, account cancellation, information file check and print, etc.

Identity Authentication

Ping An VTM verifies customer identity through connecting with the online verification system of the Ministry of Public Security to ensure the authenticity and integrity of customer identity information.

Fingerprint Scanning

Collect customer fingerprint data and complete business processing according to business process requirements and regulatory requirements.

Video Recording

Video recording not only ensures clear and smooth video transmission and original sound exchange technically, but also achieves face-to-face verification with customers.

Digital Signature

Verifying customer willingness by synthesizing customer signature electronic file based on digital signature technology.

Face Recognition

Determining identity of applicants and facilitating back-end agents through face recognition technology.

Product Advantages

• Accurately determining customer identity, assisting customer service staff in remote identity verification and avoiding business risks leveraging our world-leading face recognition technology.

• The online + offline + online identify verification and authentication mode can greatly reduce labor costs. The staff will be notified immediately to verify customer identity when customers conduct transactions ONLINE, then the staff will conduct OFFLINE verification, and then authenticate customers ONLINE and save the records.

• Our in-house developed remote video interaction technology supports flexible expansion of functions to help you handle different video interaction requirements, distribute video requests to different back-end video teams intelligently, so as to make sure that different businesses are handled by professional personnel and improve customer experience.

• Ping An's remote video interactive technology can reconnect automatically, to ensure that the case can be re-assigned to the original back-end video personnel in the case of disconnection, and customers don't need to restart the business.

• In compliance with existing compliance requirements, Ping An VTM can integrate and optimize existing business processes, prioritize customer self-service as possible, to help them prepare all the conditions required for business transaction in advance, and then access video personnel to provide professional service, which greatly enhance business efficiency.

• VTM can cover more than 90% of the counter business, replace the manual counter service mode and segregate manual counter business traffic.

• The product can simulate counter operation in the whole process to ensure better customer experience while effectively reducing the setting and operation costs.

• The product is secure and reliable, integrates fingerprint collection, ID card identification, electronic signature and other technologies to ensure safe business transaction.

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