Features / Application Scenarios

Event-driven customer behavior marketing

Dongke can help you analyze and recognize the behaviors of your customers on website, APP and other channels, so as to choose the most efficient way tointeract, follow up and recommend marketing activities and products to them.

Business-driven customer segmentation marketing

Dongke can help you precisely target the specific customer groups in new product release and designated holidays, and choose appropriate contact methods to conduct marketing activities.

Cross-channel multi-wave contact marketing

Dongke can help you choose different channels to contact customers at the different stage, and automatically trigger the next wave of marketing according to the preset customer response rules.

Product Advantages

Advanced marketing concept

The product integrates the process templates with advanced marketing concepts in the industry, helps you utilize mature market experience, shorten the test process, realize rapid iteration, and enhance marketing effectiveness.

Flexible planning adjustment

It supports fully visualized, freely customized marketing planning process, the market personnel can plan the marketing in advance, timely adjust it in the process according to the effect to improve the marketing efficiency.

Automatic process execution

It supports pre-planned marketing process and automatic execution of the plan.The whole process is visible, so as to save energy and cost of the market staff.

Closed-loop marketing review

From customer segmentation perspective to customer channel contact effect, it helps you make a closed-loop analysis of the input and output of the marketing activity, and optimize the marketing effect.

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