Features / Application Scenarios

Omni-channel multimedia integrated processing capacity

Based on the natural language processing and semantic analysis technologies, through the intelligent interactive access of channels including WeChat, APP, website, IM, Tian Xia Tong and SNS Cloud, build an intelligent customer service platform shared by all channels, to enhance the manual customer service efficiency.

Intelligent semantic understanding

Support diversified, colloquial Q&A, combined with the text, to provide immediate, smooth communication experience, help you save 80% of the labor cost of customer service.

Advanced knowledge management

Help users accurately model the business knowledge, and build a logical business knowledge base system.

Product Advantages

Smart brain

It applies to all kinds of financial sessions, with industry leading algorithm, and a Q & A success rate over 90%.

Multi-channel access

It enables diversified modes of cooperation with manpower, with flexible parameter configuration, and can access various channels within 5 minutes.

Data mining

It focuses on semantic analysis techniques to give data greater commercial value.

Independent learning

It enables intelligent self-study, intelligent analysis of unknown issues, and reference to related issues to expand the knowledge base.

Featured operation

It provides knowledge base finishing training before put online, and enables regular operation data analysis and Q&A optimization training after put online.

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