Features / Application Scenarios

Micro business card Information

From Jin Cheng, the business staff can get information related to health, parenting, sentiment, current affairs, business, etc. Business card is integrated in these information, with the spreading of the article, the business card can reach more potential customers, which can effectively facilitate business development and customer acquisition.

Intelligent recommendation

The intelligent recommendation automatically recommends information through data analysis, the back-end system makes statistics of what kind of information is the most popular, and releases it based on user interests and industry attributes.

Business Development Pictures

In Jin Cheng, the business staff can directly use beautiful pictures with personal information by one click to sell himself, attract more customer attention and encourage product purchase with relevant product promotions.

Greeting Cards

In Jin Cheng, the business staff can directly use beautiful greeting cards, edit own blessings to express festive care, trigger customer interest and help maintain customers; the customer message can be directly linked to the customer, to help identity verification.

Product Promotion

In Jin Cheng, the business staff can forward the articles in the product promotion channel, if the assistant promotion succeeds, the business staff can obtain points as incentives, obtain customer information, and expand the potential customers.

Product Advantages

Product marketing through advertorials and customer acquisition through rebates.

Personalized business development tool with lower price and better quality.

Peer Q&A community presided by star agents.

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