Features / Application Scenarios

Hui Feng platform (communication category)

Cloud call center

It's a brandnew Internet + enterprise cloud liaison and communication platform system built in accordance with the highest standards in the call center cloud service industry. It enables immediate network access, and provides point-to-point, multi-party voice calls to address your basic communication issues.

Cloud video

Customers can initiate video requests at any ports, the system can intelligently allocate agents and establish clear video calls to meet your mobile video needs for seamless communication with customers through any terminals anywhere anytime.

Number shield

Any party who needs to communicate cannot know the other party's true identity / number, and meets the normal call needs only through a virtual number. It's like a shield to protect your customer's privacy.

Yue Zhi Platform (message category)

Voice notification

It enables customized notification content, broadcasts voice content to your customers via system phone, with lower cost, higher service stability and speed.

Color printing

The caller (customer service rep, etc.) sets the color printing information. When an outgoing call is made, the system pushes the color printing information preset by the caller to the called phone. It's similar to business card display, and helps the called know the information about the caller in advance.

Voice verification code

It enables high-capacity high-concurrency voice verification codes, featuring fast delivery and clear voice. Telephone call is directly made to the user's mobile phone for voice broadcasting to avoid the delay, insecurity and other problems of SMS caused by a variety of reasons.

Rui Que Platform (intelligent category)

Voice analysis

Rui Que converts voice files into texts for data analysis, realizes automatic classification, retrieval and information mining of massive recording, helps you obtain the greatest results in the fields of auxiliary quality control, customer service analysis and sales analysis.

Voice navigation

It integrates voice recognition, semantic understanding and voice synthesis technologies to help you achieve intelligent call to the call center system, flat menu, automatic outbound call and intelligent interaction.

Panorama view

It displays all-round on-site management data of the call center in a panoramic 3D map, displays in real time the working status, real-time traffic of the agents distributed throughout the country. You can customize all parameters.

Product Advantages

Since its establishment in 2000, Liaison Cloud has been committed to the construction and operation of the customer contact center of Ping An Group, the service objects include Ping An Insurance, Ping An Bank and Ping An Securities in the traditional financial sector and Lufax in the Internet financial sector.

Secure and stable

• Highly stable, highly reliable financial-grade technology platform architecture.

• escort for business development of enterprises.

Intelligent and efficient

• Pioneer the introduction of leading artificial intelligence and big data achievements.

• Help enterprises profile the users and achieve precise marketing.

Professional and dedicated

• 17 years of experience in operating the customer contact center of Ping An Group.

• Make high-efficiency business plans for enterprises from a strategic perspective.

Flexible deployment

• PAAS cloud services for fast delivery and capacity expansion.

• Meet the changing needs of the business at any time.

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