Features / Application Scenarios

High-speed marketing program conversion

Jieke can help you quickly generate marketing plan of the business staff into a specific online activity in a very short period of time, and launch it by one click.

Multi-angle marketing effect tracking

Jieke can help you monitor all aspects of activities from multiple angles, such as hourly traffic, geographical distribution, conversion ratio, recommendation success rate, etc.

Real-time forewarning

In case of big customer traffic, unexpected event interruption, or abnormal attack, the system will send text messages, WeChat, mail and other alarm information to the event manager and platform manager to help customers quickly solve the problem.

Dynamic adjustment of marketing program

Jieke can help you conduct effective analysis according to the monitoring effect, and quickly adjust the online marketing campaign strategy at any time to improve customer acquisition.

Data forwarding

Jieke is a platform that enables timely response without the need of manpower, and can forward the new customer data to the designated business platform in seconds.

Mature marketing recommendation

Jieke can conduct big data analysis based on historical marketing programs and recommend more effective marketing programs to users to reduce customer acquisition costs and improve customer acquisition efficiency.

Product Advantages

Rapid launch of marketing activities

It only takes one-tenth of the time for traditional development by manpower to make a marketing plan into an online activity, with desired experience.

Convenient operation

Jieke can make timely operational adjustments according to the graphical monitoring data.

Quick copy

Jieke can quickly and repeatedly launch the marketing program from the pilot area to other areas, without the need of re-production.

Big data guidance

Jieke can recommend better marketing programs and more efficient numerical models to the business staff based on big data analysis.

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