Features / Application Scenarios

Greeting and Directing

Based on the cutting-edge deep learning technology and the largest user voiceprint feature recognition database in the financial industry as well as face recognition technology, Dr. An can authenticate the identity of the customer within 12 meters, with an accuracy rate up to 98%, and greet and receive the customer.

Business Transaction

Dr. An enables the customers to handle businesses by themselves efficiently, such as policy contribution, policy information change, financial product purchase, petty loan, etc., saves them the trouble of queuing, greatly enhances customer satisfaction, while saving manpower and labor cost for the enterprise.

Consultation and Guidance

Through voice, the most natural and ideal way of human-computer interaction, based on the best natural semantic library in China, Dr. An can answer the customers' questions on the finance, encyclopedia, stock, weather, restaurant, hotel, map navigation, etc., in an immediate, standard, professional, natural and interesting way, and provide timely and proper guidance.

Smart Recommendation

Through precisely analyzing massive data, profiling users from over 10,000 dimensions, and building AI smart brain to endow value to data and soul to robot, Dr. An can recommend insurance products, petty loans, wealth management and healthcare products to the customers in a smart way, realize precision marketing and provide customers with all-round financial and life services.

Customer Care

Through timely weather forecast reminders, real-time traffic information, customized hot news, birthday blessings, favorite drinks and other customer care activities, Dr. An can help enterprises improve customer satisfaction.

Centralized Control

All-round real-time monitoring of robot status and site conditions is enabled to achieve centralized control, ensure the safe and stable operation of the robot, and provide time-limited professional repair services.

Product Advantages

Big Data

With the back-end connected to the “Ping An Brain” big data engine, Dr. An is provided with the identity recognition, customer profiling, risk prediction and other “super power” that human beings do not have, and can authenticate the identity of the customer within 12 meters, with an accuracy rate up to 98%.

Internet of Things

With the display, printer, light and other hardware devices connected together, the robot as an independent node can issue orders to control peripheral hardware, and deliver excellent user experience through the novel interactive way.

Artificial Intelligence

With comprehensive professional financial business knowledge and leading intelligent Q&A multi-engine fusion technology, Dr. An can answer the customers' questions on the insurance, banking, investment and other aspects of finance as well as the encyclopedia, stock, weather, flight, restaurant, hotel, map navigation and other aspects of life.

Business System Integration

Dr. An enables high integration with business systems and provides customized services to meet individualized needs efficiently and quickly.

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